Musical Director

Stephanie Holler

Stephanie has led Tulsa Homeschool Choir and Art for several years. She took over after the founder, Jana Davis Tollefson retired. Previously, she had taught Elementary Choir for Tulsa Homeschool Choir. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Oral Roberts University in 2005. She has also taught private music lessons since 2005, including piano, voice, and strings. Her call to music ministry started as a young girl. She currently serves, along with her husband John, as the Music Minister in her local assembly. She also serves as an academic teacher in a local homeschool/private school hybrid, travels to churches, writes music, and records. Stephanie and her husband have two children.

When she took over the position of President of the Board, she began implementing a vision both Jana and herself shared of slowy expanding to include other fine arts classes beyond just choir. She hope to continue adding classes and locations to provide multiple opportunities to our growing homeschool community.
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